Denise & Grant Klokeid
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Michelle is now out in Fountain CO with her husband Mark and our grandchildren Trey and Andrew. They moved out there in mid-2013 when Mark got stationed at Fort Carson as a 2nd Lt. working in security police.  Mark earlier last year graduated from University of La Verne.  They moved into a new house they purchased.  Very nice. She recently got a new 2015 Kia Optima that is fully loaded. She has a part-time job at the commissary on post and works the night shift stocking. Can do this after Mark gets home from work.

Trey and Andrew have already started school and keep busy with extra-curricular sports like soccer.


Andrew has complete his two years at the local community college - Victor Valley College. He has gone to University of California at Davis, about 15 miles west of Sacramento.  He is pursuing a political science degree.

He has also joined the UC Davis rugby team and a fraternity for students interested in Law. He is also focusing more on his girlfriend who lives in Fullerton. He tries to go see her when time permits. They went to a festival in San Diego on 2015 New Years Eve and had a good time.

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